Photography a Fast Food of Memories

Photography a Fast Food of Memories

Doing a quick search in Google or one of the other search engines can easily yield dozens of images from everyday life, snapped on camera phones, small pocket-sized digital cameras, ... Continue Reading →
Finding the Right Photo Shade

Finding the Right Photo Shade

FPO images for you to place in your layout plus the original raw files. These contain the virgin pixel captures straight from high-end digital cameras, prior to any conversion to RGB ... Continue Reading →

Choosing on Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Adobe Photo Shop plays a major role in the world of technology today. It is the most popular and perhaps most important photography and graphics design software available. As such, ... Continue Reading →

‘Photos on Canvas’ New Way to Display

Advancements in digital photography are constantly changing the techniques and standards of photographers.  The luxury of digital photography has become more available over recent ... Continue Reading →

busy creating funny photos

While I’m busy reviewing, I noticed wifey is also busy working on something in her computer. But, she seems to be enjoying what she is working on. I can see that her face is brightened ... Continue Reading →

Points to remember before buying Digital Camera

Sensor resolution - It’s on the sensor, which is composed of elements sensitive to sunlight, that the image is created. Each of these elements registers one of the points (called ... Continue Reading →
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