been missing playing game

It’s been a while since I’ve played some free casino games. I’ve been missing playing the game that is why I am checking casino sites again. Without further ado, I ... Continue Reading →

lucky they are!

Few weeks ago or about a month from now, we finally had our cable connection. It’s not like the number of channels Direct TV has to offer, but we can’t do anything about ... Continue Reading →

fridge energy tips

Does a glance at your electricity bills make your voice go falsetto? Just chill dude! Just reduce your fridge’s energy use – easy with this fridge energy tips, should be ... Continue Reading →

people with bad intentions is increasing

The news today shows that people with bad intentions is increasing. There are so many modus operandi that endanger the life of many. Some of these modus are so aggressive that assailants ... Continue Reading →

my mistake

Before when my partner and I are still new, she used to read books of different kinds. However, as time pass by she lost interest in reading. I can still remember she never took a glance ... Continue Reading →

Soap vs. Sanitizer

Which work better? While alcohol-based gels remove more germs, plain soap and water are fine for everyday washing. But neither works unless you do it right. The biggest mistakes: With ... Continue Reading →
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