found a place that caters wide range of music instruments

Yesterday, our only aim is to buy an IPhone, which I’ve been keeping an eye for a long time. Congratulations to me for having a new love, my IPhone 4s. However, we finished the cell phone shopping in just 30 minutes that give us time to roam around the mall. It is where I found the place that caters to wide range of music instruments.

Actually, we spend more time in that store as compared to the cell phone shop. I’m not sure if wifey is enjoying it, but I’m truly having great time. I even tried playing evans drums that caught the attention of few people. The truth, I’m not a good at it and I think I created noise instead of music, unfortunately. But, I really enjoyed every moment of it. Now, I’m thinking of including a music room my dream house. I’m pretty sure it will come in handy especially after a stressful day.

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