Second Hand Shopping Tips in Barcelona

Finding some great shopping deals while you’re on Barcelona vacation, you have to consider checking out any of the abundant second hand venues in the city.  Barcelona is renowned for its architecture, cuisine, culture, and history.  However, it is also a popular destination for international travelers who love to shop while vacationing.  The following are some Barcelona second hand shopping tips that you should consider.

  • Humana – this store proves how popular shopping for second hand and vintage items has gotten over the past few decades.  The company has become so successful that they now have numerous locations throughout Barcelona.  Typically, the shops are frequented by those people who are trying to save money rather than the hipsters who shop the second hand venues because that is the “cool” thing to do.
  • Calle Tallers – another great shopping location for second hand and vintage items.  The area stretches from La Rambla to the Plaza Universitat.  From bakeries to second hand and vintage clothing stores to the many music shops, you can find just about anything you are looking for when exploring this shopping area.
  • El Raval and the Gothic Quarter – if the sunny days are making you squint while you’re out enjoying the Joaquin Costa, stop by any of the numerous specialty and vintage sunglass shops that are located here.  Continue on to Riera Baixa in the Gothic Quarter to complete your day’s second hand shopping adventure.
  • Outdoor Markets – long before the current second hand shopping venues became popular, Barcelona’s outdoor markets offered shoppers the most outstanding values in the city.  There are two different markets that have actually become famous with the locals and international travelers alike:
    • Encants – offers a wide assortment of literally everything you can imagine
    • Sant Antoni – if it’s books, CD’s, or videos that you’re shopping for, this is the place to go

The key thing you want to remember is that when it comes to shopping in any of the many Barcelona outdoor markets, it’s a matter of the early bird catching the worm.  You’ll want to start your shopping day as early as possible because the pickings get pretty slim by midday.


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