Airfare Ticket Free, Is it really True?

You must been wondering as to what the term free airfare actually means. Well, free airfare is a misleading term for there is no airline which can give you tickets free of cost. They may allow free traveling in some emergency situations like they may fly troops in a national emergency. But tickets are not given for free otherwise.

Some travelers have found out some faults in the rules and regulations of airlines. Such loop holes in the rules are used by the travelers to get a free ticket. Overbooking is one such trick. Such travelers won’t check in until and unless the flight is full. After that they want to be booked for the next available flight and ultimately they are given free ticket for the flight. This mostly happens with international flights where tickets are booked through a number of travel agents.

Some people want free ticket if there is any missed connection. However the airlines may offer free ticket only when there is some operational problem. A passenger cannot demand a free ticket as such. You can also get a free ticket by using your flying miles. However these flying miles are not free and are earned over a considerable period of time. These tickets are just like rewards for the customers and the airline offers them to build a long term relationship with their customers.

Some luxury cruises also give free tickets which are included in their fare. This way the luxury passenger liners promote their tour packages. The ticket value will depend on the type of the cruise package the customer has opted for. You may also get free tickets from some tour or hotel operators if you buy their holiday package. But these are not actually free tickets. You just get these tickets in return for something you have brought.

Internet allows the airfare shoppers to compare and contrast the various available airfares. However these rates are not always the lowest. The best way to get free airfare is to make a call to the airlines office and ask them directly. You may get a good deal if you are lucky. You should call after midnight because deals which have not been sold out for the day may be available and thus you can get hold of them.


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