sister is now wearing eyeglasses

It’s not a secret that sister has a bad vision especially for reading, which started during her 20s. For years, she opt using contact lenses because it doesn’t get in the way of her face. Plus, she can choose from varying colors that suit her hair color. Whenever asked if she will use reading glasses, she will always say no. I’m not sure what changes her mind because she posted a picture of her new eyeglasses.

She does have some taste – will not name drop the brand. One thing is sure, it’s a pricey brand. But, it’s worth the penny because it looks good on her. Well, I haven’t talked to her yet that’s why I still don’t know the reason that changes her mind. If I were to be asked, I would prefer she wears eyeglasses since it’s much convenient than putting contact lenses, besides she has a very nice eye wear.

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  1. I need to have my eyes check again.. I think I need new glasses. Enjoy the upcoming week ^-^

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  • Irel: I need to have my eyes check again.. I think I need new glasses. Enjoy the upcoming week ^-^
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