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Wifey’s mother will soon celebrate her birthday. The big day is on the 4th of November to be exact that’s a few days to go, the reason wifey is busily preparing her perfect birthday gift. Unfortunately, she needs to send it immediately because we are miles away from our home country. She searched the web for different gift ideas.

Of course, she doesn’t forget to send her flower. It’s her favorite thing to receive more than anything else. If possible she wanted the flowers of a designer breed at ProFlowers. Even if I were to rate it, the flowers are really pretty, perfect to make any woman smile to happiness. They look modern, trendy, fabulous, and expensive, but it doesn’t have a big price tag. I’m sure wifey’s mom will be delighted to receive it.

However, flowers can’t be the gift alone because she will look for other items. So, we really need to send some other item to make her birthday really special and to complete her day.

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  1. That thing with the flower always work :)

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