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My aunt has been very helpful and supportive to us when we arrived here in Abu Dhabi. Her support goes all the way from the emotional aspect down to financial, which is the most crucial one. It’s really difficult to survive in a foreign place without knowing anybody. Even though our pocket money is enough, getting assistance is greatly needed and appreciated. With that I am very thankful to her for everything. That’s why I want to send my greatest gratitude for all the help she is giving us.

Good thing, I keep the information of Paper Culture thank you cards. I came across this a few months ago and at that time I’m pretty sure I can make use of it. And, this is the right time. I personally like these cards because of the exclusive designs that can express both my gratitude and sense of style. Hope my aunt will appreciate it.

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  1. Eric Graham says:

    I already miss UAE. Been there too but in Dubai. Living outside your home country is really difficult. We really need friends to rely on there especially during troubled times we are encountering like job search, accommodation and transportation matters.

    • Denz says:

      Hello, yes u are right. I’m just lucky I have my relative and her family who are always ready to help me when I’m in need.

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