Caught! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hold Hands

Feasibly you are still wondering about the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, will now here’s the answer: they are a couple. The two “Twilight” lovebirds were caught holding hands backstage at the MTV Movie Awards 2011. Like with every other red carpet event, at this year’s MTV Movie Awards too Kristen and Robert went out of their way to act like there’s nothing more going on between them than a platonic relationship. Most of the time, they managed to do just that and even convince those who still believe their romance is a PR stunt that this is what it is – if you disregard Kristen calling Robert “honey” on stage.

However, backstage, the two let their guard slip down for a brief instant when, after posing for pictures for the press, they were holding hands – and there’s video to prove it. Past the 1.30 minute mark, Robert and Kristen believe they’re done with their press duties and they start to move towards the exit. They’re clearly more relaxed and they probably don’t even suspect there’s a camera on them right now, which explains why they’d hold hands.

This isn’t the only hint that they’re a couple: when they took to the stage to accept the Best Kiss Award, after some bantering about how they didn’t want to lock lips because they didn’t feel like it, Kristen called Rob “honey.” He said he knew someone in the audience whom he did want to kiss and, as he made his way towards the pit, Kristen called after him, “Go get ‘em, honey!” Obviously, it could have been part of the joke – but there’s no denying there was hand-holding backstage, when Rob and Kristen thought no one was looking.

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