Sony reveals its first tablet PC to take on Apple

Japanese electronics maker Sony has announced its first foray into the popular tablet PC market, unveiling two new devices. The gadgets will use Google’s Android operating system, according to the company’s deputy president Kunimasa Suzuki. Sales of tablet PCs have been booming globally, led by the success of Apple’s ipad. Sony has said it wants to become a leading player in the market. The success of iPad has seen many consumer electronics companies, like Samsung and HTC, launch their own versions of the tablet PC in an effort to capture a share of the growing market.

According to research firm Gartner, sales of tablet PCs are likely to quadruple in the next four years to almost 294m units. Sony has indicated that it is aiming to become the second largest player in the segment behind Apple within one year. However, analysts say that Sony will find it tough to achieve that target. Analysts say that as the tablet PC market evolves over the next few years and the number of players grows, companies will have to find their niche.

Its gadgets like PlayStation already allow users in different parts of the world to interact and play games with other. He said the electronics maker has a long standing partnership with Ericsson and together they could play a big role in the coming years. “We estimate that by the year 2020 we will see 80bn gadgets connected to each other worldwide. Given the expertise Sony has in consumer market and that of Ericsson in network operations, they could have a big impact in connecting the tablet segment.”

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