Having an Unforgettable Travel

When we dream of going out of the country, we can’t really go out, ride a plane and poof! We are already somewhere else. A dream marks the star of great opportunities. So get on with your savings and set aside enough money for a cruise you totally deserve. But then again, it is not that easy. Because even if you have money, there will always be the hassles of preparing for the flight. However, it will be all worth it. Just make sure that you really get to feel and taste the place. Live just like the way the locals do. This will be a refreshing experience from your regular day-to-day routine.

To make all of this possible, all you have to do is to take note of these important matters before leaving. This way, you will have no worries when you get out of your house and having the time of your life in some other place.

Prepare for Take-off - leaving your sanctuary bare of people and life is definitely not a good idea if you don’t feel good about it. So if you just transferred to an old apartment along a dark alley, you better think twice about going out of it for days. You could become a victim of robbers. But if you live in a subdivision or compound surrounded with good neighbors, then get up and leave the house. So whether you live around a friendly neighborhood or not, make sure you have a lot of locks around the house enough to make you feel secure of leaving it. Also, tell a good friend, preferably a neighbor about you going away. He could help look after your house while you are gone.

Right before leaving, make sure you remember exactly where things are being placed or kept in so that when you get back, you can check if your house looks just the same way as you left it.

Bag it in! - while you are away, do not resort to only taking pictures in order to recall beautiful memories of the travel. Here are some suggestions for keepsakes that you could chance upon on the streets and local tourist souvenir shops.

  • Paper napkins on restaurants are a classic! But you could also try getting menus or some utensils.
  • Little key chains of stuffed animals that can only be found in that country can certainly remind you that you have actually seen that animal up close.
  • If you are a beach bum, get a handful of sand along with little shells and pour them into a jar. Label the jar with the name of the beach from where you got them.
  • Get something that will represent the place that you are visiting, like their national costumes.

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