How to Tune your Guitar

Tuning a guitar is defined as this: Altering the tuning pegs of a guitar so that each string sounds at the right note and/or pitch. In the guitar world, there are three types of tuning: relative tuning, electronic tuning and reference tuning. In this article I will talk about all three types of tuning.

There are many different kinds of notes that a guitar can tune to. Finger stylists and blues guitarists are known to use altered tunings. For all guitar tunings, there is a basic standard tuning and it is something all guitar players should adhere too, whether new or experienced. This tuning is generally defined as this: low to high, E, A, D, G, B and E.

Reference tuning is tuning the guitar’s strings to another source, which could be a piano for example, or even another guitar. The pitch of the source is played and then it is followed. This is a good way to keep the music in tune.

The hardest of the lot is relative tuning. This is tuning without any reference whatsoever, making it very difficult for the novice guitar player. It is very to go out of tune using this method and I do not recommend it unless you are a proficient player.

Finally, we come to electronic tuning. This is hands down the easiest way to tune a guitar. You can use this is you have an electronic guitar. I highly suggest, if you go through this method, to get the best electronic guitar, because it bring dividends for the long term.

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