Safe time to exercise outdoors

No doubt how important to watch the temperature, but the most relevant number you need to know before heading outdoors is the heat index, which takes humidity into account and represents how hot it feels.

The risk of muscle cramping and heat exhaustion rises as the heat index climbs above 90. Although less serious than heat exhaustion, cramping is dangerous, especially when you’re dehydrated. When you start cramping and don’t have enough fuel in the tank, which can lead to something more serious, like pulling a muscle. When the index is higher than 100, heat stroke also becomes more likely. It’s really important to modify your exercise routine when the index is that high.

Scaling back the duration or intensity of your workouts once the hot weather hits. It takes about two weeks to get acclimated to exercising in the heat (especially if you’re not in top shape to begin with), he says. When it’s really hot out, it’s a good idea to take breaks more frequently, exercise in the shade whenever possible, and wear breathable and light-colored clothing. Exercising in the heat is safe if you use common sense and follow some basic rules. Thus, as long as you’re not working too hard, well rested, hydrated, and nourished can tolerate pretty tough conditions.

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  1. Heat index is really important. Some times it happen that temperature is low and you go out for a string workout but you might end up in over exhaustion. It is becuase of high heat index. One must check up the heat index before planning for out door activities, ecpecially in moonsoon weather.

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